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Download Muddy Heights 2 Free Download

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  • Poop Simulator
  • Cause Carnage
  • Crap on People
  • Maximum Destruction Points
Muddy Heights 2 Free Download

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Software Information

  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Author: Rageborn Studio, LLC
  • Latest Update: 2017

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Muddy Heights 2 Free Download

About Muddy Heights 2

Muddy Heights 2 is a very crude and very funny game poop simulator that sees you perching your buttocks over the side of a high-rise apartments’ windowsill and letting fly with an almighty turd.

Obviously, this isn’t highbrow humor, but it’s great fun – especially once your turd hits the pavement and panic-filled pedestrians keep on slipping on it.

It’s remarkable the amount of carnage a single little piece of excrement can do!  You can even use in-game currency to purchase foodstuffs such as chili’s and cheeseburgers which beef up your payload for maximum destruction.

Crapping on people from a great height is remarkably fun!

Muddy Heights 2 Features

Rageborn Studios has done it again but included some exciting new features in the sequel. Additionally, gameplay and graphics have been improved with smoother rendering and crisper colors. Listed below are a few of the new features that you will find in Muddy Heights 2.

3 New Levels

This official sequel brings 3 new levels that could constipate fans depending on their poop throwing skills. In fact, the new levels are so challenging that it could bung new players up but will keep them coming back for more.

Improved Food Upgrades

Every great pooper needs to refuel. Not to mention, every pooper is only good as good as the food they eat. New food upgrades have been added to the game to enhance players ability to rule the sky such as corn, berries, and extra hot chili.

New secrets and Goals

Get ready for 20 new levels and 10 new goals. Pooping doesn’t come easy these days it takes a little strategy. However, only now it takes a little more smarts with bowels fortified with strategic accuracy.

New Characters and Vehicles

The developers certainly didn’t flush this one down the toilet. In addition to, new gameplay they also dumped fresh characters and vehicles into the mix. With this in mind, get ready to lay a hot one on some new unsuspecting additions to the game.

A Muddy Conclusion

Muddy Heights 2 has evolved into a fantastic mess. By the same token, fans of the original game will be pleasantly surprised with how the sequel turned out. Furthermore, new fans will enjoy the new additions and get just as hooked with the flatulating environment. Finally, take your gaming skills to new heights with the new game additions.

Download Muddy Heights 2 Free Download

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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