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Kik Messenger

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  • Version: Current
  • License: Free
  • Last Update: October 12, 2016

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Kik Messenger

While there is no shortage of Instant messaging and social networking apps available for our smartphones today, there is one that stands out from the crowd. Kik messenger has become one of the go-to messaging apps with more than 300 million registered users and even more downloads world wide. Kik’s success as a messaging app has come mainly from their Mobile first mentality. They have dedicated their development efforts to provide a safe, secure and fun platform which runs seamlessly on the ever changing mobile devices.

Kik for PC and Mac ?
Given Kik’s soaring popularity, it should comes as no surprise that there has now been a huge demand for Kik to be PC and Mac compatible. At the moment Kik has no intention to release a dedicated PC, Mac version much to the disappointment of its users. There is however an easy solution through the use of BlueStacks.

Use Kik on Your PC and Mac
BlueStacks is an Android emulator which is PC and Mac compatible and allows you to run your favourite mobile apps like Kik on you laptop or desktop computer. Extremely user-friendly and fast, BlueStacks can be installed and running in a matter of seconds with no additions configuration required. Simply click the green download button above and install the latest version of BlueStacks on your computer. It’s really that easy!

Install Kik on PC and Mac
To use Kik messenger on your computer, simply launch BlueStacks and click on the Kik messenger icon in the BlueStacks window. Kik messenger will open and you can either login with your existing details or create a new account if you do not already have one.

The Benifits of Using KIk on BlueStacks
Many people may never have the need to run Kik on their computer, they are happy to be glued to their mobile device 24 hours a day. BlueStacks just offers you an easy way to run popular mobile apps on you laptop and desktop computer. There are however a few great reasons to run Kik messenger on BlueStacks. The first biggest reason is screen size, you can position Kik messenger anywhere on your laptop and leave it running silently in the background. Another great reason to use Kik on BlueStacks is to save battery life on your mobile device. Finally, with the ever increasing cost of mobile data, running Kik on you laptop just makes good sense.

Download Kik Messenger

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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