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  • Simple Installation of Modding API
  • Easily Create Multiple Mods
  • Open Source Mod Loader
  • Frequent Updates!
Minecraft Forge

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Software Information

  • Recommended Version:
  • License: Open Source
  • Author: Forge Development LLC
  • Last Update: June 8, 2017

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Minecraft Forge

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to create mods for Minecraft, then Minecraft Forge is the Modding API for you. Thanks to Minecraft Forge, creating multiple, stable mods has never been easier. No longer will you have to worry about the Mod compatibility or if your files will be rewritten ,( or worse! ).

Download Minecraft Forge

Downloading and Installing Minecraft Forge is really easy.

  1. Click the green download button to get the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  2. Run the Forge Installer
  3. Install the Client or the Server, depending on what you want to do
  4. Run the Minecraft Launcher
  5. Select Minecraft Forge in the launcher window
  6. Play Mincerfat and enjoy you new Minecraft Mods

Minecraft Forge Updates

New updates are constanlty being developed for Minecraft Forge. While you may see new updates availble, Minecraft Forge does not actually download the new updates automatically. Simply download the latest version to manually to update

Minecraft Forge Support

As mentioned, Minecraft Forge is extreamly easy to install and use, but that dose not mean that everybody will understand how to use the Modding API. Once you download the latest version of Fogre, you can check out the inormation on the Forge Forum na ddocumentation pages.


Minecraft Forge is a great modding API and is sure to impress. You’ll never have to pay a penny, as Minecraft Forge is a Free, Open Source software.

Happy Modding!

Download Minecraft Forge

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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